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Novoa takes pride in helping clients make important decisions that will assist the company in sustaining growth and keep the client's business profitable. Our team is trained to advise business owners on how to get the most out of their digital campaigns and product desires. Our consulting services provide you with valuable information and unbiased, external and accurate recommendations that are up to date with current trends, technology and market place changes. Our consulting service follows the following steps: 

    Novoa schedules an initial meeting or call with you and your team and key members of Novoa's special team to discuss your project and goals as a whole. This meeting consists of Novoa taking your high level spec, asking important questions and collecting detailed answers. We ensure your business goals and over arching product visions are adequately covered and understood. 
    Our special team then interfaces internally and drafts appropriate strategies and technological paths that will be taken in developing the architecture and solutions for your product. This is vital for identifying the complete work load involved from start to finish. 
    The next step of our process is having one of our experienced project managers then build a project specification and special user stories, based on the scope in question, that we then load into our internal project management system.
    Our engineers and senior developers then work with our project management system and estimate each individual user story. This is critical and allows our team to view the project as a whole, and produce a detailed technical scope and assists your business by ensuring every piece functions exactly as you envision.
    Once your team has reviewed the technical scope and user stories a review meeting is then scheduled to thoroughly discuss strategy, phases and milestones from the project initiation to the launch of your new product. This ensures project expectations and product success are properly aligned. Once we've confirmed the plan for your product, pricing is then set based upon the final scope.  

Novoa's consulting service ensures your company gains a complete product scope and quote for planning your company's next goal and allocating proper budgets. This important information that we provide for you can also be used to elicit bids from other potential agencies.

At Novoa we stand by our word and our commitment to quality service at every step along the way. We are so confident that after you see the quality of work that we put into our consulting service that your company will understand exactly why you should choose to work with us and if so, we will discount our consulting fee from our final bidding price for the design and development of your project. 



To receive pricing information and get started with our digital consulting service contact us below: