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VR is a new and exciting frontier and a recent study by RoadToVR shows that North America and Europe will be leading the field in the consumer market. This is exciting news as Novoa Media is working on a special VR project and the data reassures us we'll have a great audience to share the experience with.

There's different types of VR such as Immersive, Augmented, Video Mapping etc. and its interesting to see the battle of the platforms heat up as new cameras and tools to create VR content continue to emerge. This overview gives you an idea of the options you have in choosing a platform that fits your hardware budget. 

If you want to get an explanation of VR, AR and platforms that exist here's a good overview by Marques Browniee. 

When it comes to creating VR content there's a lot of do's, don'ts and challenges that arise but don't fear because there's also a lot of great advice in this area from early VR content creators. If you have any questions in regards to creating VR content or would like to get started on a project let us know.